Meeting Minutes – April 2017

Meeting Minutes - April 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Rhonda Becker
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Erika Stokes

Board Members Absent:

  • Matthew Vercant
  • Brian Polizzi


Meeting called to order

Report of dues collected to date: $672


  • Step One is a review of the plan and membership vote
  • Step Two would be collecting dues for the lawyer
  • Step Three put the lawyer on retainer and have the documents reviewed and organization established
  • Step Four would be once lawyer rewrite of documents is done, put the changed bylaws up for vote with the membership for final approval.

Motion passed.

What are benefits of joining?

  • Industry Voice
  • IMP-POS Discounts
  • Vendor Report Card
  • White Papers
  • SKU List

Potential benefits:

  • Direct-buy negotiations with manufacturers
  • Demo items
  • Insurance benefits

Susan Waldbiesser and Ryan Johnson will work on brochure.

Rhonda, Erika, and Rob Placer will work on collecting data about manufacturers.

  • company name, contact info, web address, list of major brands and products they do, any retailer direct options they have, maybe which distributors carry them, any OP programs, and Demo programs and/or demo product offerings

Rhonda (and Brian or Matthew) will work on the vendor rating project.

Meeting adjourned