Meeting Minutes – February 2017

Meeting Minutes - February 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Rhonda Becker
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Brian Polizzi
  • Matthew Vercant

Board Members Absent:

  • Erika Stokes


Rhonda called the meeting to order

Brian momentarily was absent, it was confirmed that the meeting could go forward with three board members present. Brian returned before it was an issue.

Ryan indicated that with regard to attorneys, he had a list to call. He said he discounted a few due to expected poor communication after always getting voicemails, but had a few to call on 8 Feb 2017.

Rhonda indicated that members had expressed concern about the organization in light of the new Wizards Play Network Terms & Conditions, which could be used to deny WPN status to participating stores.

Ryan stated that given the new WPN T&C and other issues, we should proceed with formation of a Non-Profit Organization. He also indicated that when we set forth to get the legal funding, we should also get the funding for a small operating budget at the same time.

The benefits of fundraising before or after finding an attorney, as well as whether we should present the attorney with bylaws to review or have him/her draft the bylaws was discussed, as was the importance of having an attorney to do it right.

The problem of needing funds now (to hire an attorney) vs. being able to provide a perceived value to the membership was discussed. IMP-POS has offered a discount to GRA members.

The possibility of having the still-to-be-determined attorney check out the WPN T&C was raised.

The plan to aggregate data (to sell to manufacturers?) was discussed, as was the idea of a vendor report card.

White papers were discussed. Brian has a good portion of a WOTC paper under way, and Ryan started a paper on Net Pricing. Rhonda indicated that work on such papers should be kept private and not shared with the group other than topics until we are ready to launch.

Brian moved that we table business except for recruitment until we’ve accomplished the following:

  1. Contact lawyers for a price to review our bylaws and organize an NPO entity.
  2. GoFundMe campaign with definitive costs including cushion.

Ryan agreed to the motion, with the add on that when we start the GoFundMe campaign, we should also be able to provide two things:

  1. A list of benefits that will start on day one and/or:
  2. Programs like the data program we will start developing on day 1

So we’ll need to have most of the rough details worked out.

The above motion was voted on and passed unanimously, with Ryan’s seconding assumed as a aye vote.

Additional benefits, such as credit card processing discounts and health insurance discounts, were discussed.

A get-together at GAMA was discussed, as was the possibility of presenting to visitors at distributor open houses.

Meeting was adjourned.