Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Meeting Minutes - January 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Rhonda Becker
  • Matthew Vercant
  • Rhonda Becker
  • Ryan Johnson

Board Members Absent:

  • Brian Polizzi


Meeting minutes reviewed and approved.

Discussed whether there was any progress on specific benefits, discussion tabled for next meeting.

Ryan indicated that he reached out to an attorney but had trouble getting a response. Rhonda suggested the problem might be the time of year (holidays). Further discussion regarding potential options for retaining legal counsel.

Tabled the review of the legal issues for next month.

Discussed possibilities of a convention, but finances prohibit it at the present time.

Discussed possibilities of attending and presenting at distributor shows. Some options include meeting at local stores at the same time distributor shows are running, or in a hotel conference room.

Discussed getting BOD and officer bios on the website, as well as other updates.

Discussed whether to extend BOD term limits or to extend the number of terms a BOD member could serve consecutively. Motion opposed, with the understanding that it would be brought up again in six months.

Next meeting schedule for February 7, 2017.

Meeting adjourned.