Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Meeting Minutes - March 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Rhonda Becker
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Brian Polizzi
  • Matthew Vercant
  • Erika Stokes

Board Members Absent:

  • None


Rhonda called the meeting to order.

Meetings from last meeting accepted.

Discussion of lawyer to set up LLC, register NPO, review/rewrite the bylaws, membership agreement, code of ethics. Expected fee: $2000.

Discussion of things we need a legal review of:

  1. The WOTC Terms of Service
  2. Opinions on how vocal we can be about protecting brand value and in what form with regard to anti-trust and price fixing concerns
  3. Liability with regards to our vendor rate cards and what we can and can't say, also per concerns of anti-trust
  4. Liability and what we can and can't say with regards to position and white papers

Ryan to get an hourly rate from lawyer.

First motion - approve moving forward with the lawyer, clarifying what is included with the $2k quote and asking for an hourly rate for future reviews.

Motion passed.

Second motion - a treasurer position: First to amend the bylaws (we have to get a membership vote on that). temporarily to assign Rhonda that seat. But to recruit and fill that position elsewise when we find the right volunteer.

Motion passed.

Third motion - to secure funding for the lawyer we will first pursue a paypal account to hold funds until we can establish a group checking account. This will be run by the lawyer first to make sure it's an acceptable way to handle securing the funds

Motion passed.

Fourth motion - Dues: 2017 $75 up front, prorated for new members - 2018 is expected to be $100 or $10 monthly but final rates will be determined in October based on expenses

Motion passed

Discussion regarding possible informal meetings and formal presentations coinciding with distributor events or located at said events.

Discussion regarding next meeting being moved up from one month to 2-3 weeks (21 or 28 March 2017).

Meeting adjourned