Meeting Minutes – May 2017

Meeting Minutes – May 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Erika Stokes
  • Brian Polizzi
  • Matthew Vercant
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Rhonda Becker

Board Members Absent:

  • None


Meeting called to order.

Discussed attorney – We have enough to retain him, but not to fully pay his bill.

Discussed improving the website to help with recruitment. Set a deadline of May 23 for the website content.

First official benefit for members is a discount for IMP-POS, by Nate Peterson.

Matthew said Gary Ray said we can repost any “how to” articles from his site, with attribution. Michael Bayer (Bahr??) gave similar permission.

Discussed getting board member and officer bios on the website.

Brian indicated that he has a few white papers in the works, but we previously put that on hold pending legal counsel.

Discussed possibly creating a flyer for and having an informal meeting at the ACD open house. ACD wanted to charge for space, so we won’t be on the official schedule.

Matthew reported that we have 17 registered stores and $1743.40 in the account.

Discussed having a logo designed, and approved funds of no more than $150.

Ryan said he will submit an advertising flyer to the board for approval at least a few days before the ACD event.

Brian offered to help with website content.

Whether to retain the lawyer before or after the ACD open house was discussed. A motion was passed to go ahead with it.

Discussed a treasurer position and whether to add it to Rhonda’s list of duties. It was decided to advertise the position to the membership.

Discussed development of the manufacturer database. Information needed for each includes name, address, phone, website, email, product types, etc.

Ryan asked that people Facebook message him after the meeting with any projects or initiatives they have underway so he could include them in the write-up for the website.

Discussed nudging the officers to make their dues payments.

Discussed setting up email addresses. Issue was tabled as Erika had lost her Internet connection at that point.

Meeting adjourned.