Meeting Minutes – November 2016

Meeting Minutes - November 2016

Board Members Present:

  • Rhonda Becker
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Brian Polizzi
  • Matthew Vercant
  • Erika Stokes

Board Members Absent:

  • None


Meeting called to order

Rhonda put basic agenda up for approval, Erika seconded, Anna suggested it didn’t need to be approved.

Ryan Johnson indicated lack of success in finding legal aid.

Lloyd suggested ARAG, a legal insurance.

Rhonda suggested Ryan look into it.

Ann said pre-paid legal services are bad.

Discussion that we have no budget.

Lloyd Brown suggested Steven Lang, former lawyer, currently a game designer.

Voted to put a call out for game industry-related legal assistance.

Brian indicated he and Dawn did brainstorming regarding recruitment avenues—presentations to distributors, potential new members, etc.

Ryan mentioned an initiative to compile street date violations.

Discussion about email addresses and hosting.

Tim Morgan and Melissa Lewis-Gentry volunteered for Records Director position.

Vote approved.

Discussed how to maintain active store membership list – 2x/year or if dues aren’t paid.

Discussed Mission Statement – ratified with two minor corrections.

Discussed ratifying bylaws, voted to delay ratifying until after legal review. Same for membership agreement and Code of Ethics.

Discussion regarding titles of Board of Directors and their assistants. Board of Directors are “chairs,” assistants are “officers.”

Discussed term limits – tabled pending discussion with membership.

Discussed white papers – How do we handle drafting and approval of them? What about position papers?

Brian suggested papers directed to specific companies, like WOTC.

Brainy suggested an issue with anti-trust laws.

Brian responded that the papers would not advocate not buying from a company.

Discussion about calling out bad practices, but not by name.

Discussed ranking system – needs legal counsel?

Discussed street date violation submission page. Passed motion to make one on website.

Discussed membership benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • CC processing discounts
  • Exclusive products
  • Lease negotiation assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Promotional opportunities
    • Preview events
    • Promo items that people actually want
  • Manufacturer discounts
  • Trade show
  • Discounts on industry software

Discussed data surveys

Robert and Ryan to investigate membership benefits – They may need another officer.

Create Benefits Committee motion approved.

Discussed next meeting date – Voted on January 3, 2017.

Meeting adjourned.