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--Gravity Payments Deal for GRA Members--

This GRA Membership deal is available to both GRA Full Voting Members and Associate Members.

Gravity Payments and The Game Retailers Association have entered into a partnership to offer incredible credit card processing rates based on how many businesses participate. The more Game Retailers Association members that sign-up for a Gravity account through the partnership, the lower the rates go for all members who sign-up. The rates are as follows:

Number of members and equivalent Processing Fees
1+ = Interchange + 0.10% on volume + $0.10/transaction
10+ = Interchange + 0.09% on volume + $0.09/transaction
25+ = Interchange + 0.08% on volume + $0.08/transaction
45+ = Interchange + 0.07% on volume + $0.07/transaction
60+ = Interchange + 0.06% on volume + $0.06/transaction

The best part is that early adopters will be graduated to the lower rates as more colleagues sign-up, so fees automatically go down over time!

If you have any questions you can message Jared here in the group, email him (jspears@gravitypayments.com), or give him a call at 866-701-4700 x648.

A note from the association. Gravity payments comes recommended by at least one GRA Board Member as of the time of this deal being forged. The starting rate is modestly competitive to the flat rates offered by services like Square and should easily beat Paypal. If you are a higher volume store, you likely have the means to negotiate a better rate based on that volume. But this rate will get better for GRA members the more members use it and has the potential for become extremely competitive and get smaller stores rates that will be extremely hard for them to negotiate indvidually.

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