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Welcome to the Game Retailers Association (GRA. The GRA is a non profit organization of brick and mortar game retail stores working together to forge a strong game market and vibrant local communities.

Our Mission:
The Game Retailers Association (GRA) is a volunteer group of independent game retailers working to advocate for and curate sustainable, profitable and mutually beneficial business practices and programs for it's members and supply chain partners. The GRA seeks to engage with industry partners on important issues, enhance the public image of game retailers through education and exchange of best practices and support local game communities.

Are you a retailer that sells (non electronic) games? Do you operate out of a B&M store front? Planning to open a B&M store selling games? Then you too could join the GRA and help it become a powerful tool in aiding and protecting your business interests. If you join now, you will also get to play an important role in the early growth stages of the GRA and work with fellow retailers to make it into the trade organization the retail tier needs. Jump on over to the Join The GRA page to sign up.

Want to learn more about the GRA first, visit our Public Facebook Page and start a conversation with our members.

- A Voice for Retailers -
One of the greatest challenges for independent game retailers is gettiing their concerns heard. There are several thousand retilers, nearly all of us small independent companies. For the distributors and game manufacturers that want to work with retailers, the buzz from so many voices can be hard to get meaningful messaging from. Worse, some of the larger suppliers easily dismiss retailer concerns because the weight of a few vocal independent store owners is, simply, easy to ignore. By joining together, retailer trade organization gives retailers an opportunity to discuss issues among themselves first to attempt to find a majoty consensus, the present that consensus to our trade partners with a more unified voice to cut the noise.
- Community For Retailers -
The GRA is a vehicle for retailers to share business experience with fellow retailers. In the internet era, there exists a multitude of online discussion groups where discussion between independent retailers happen (which is great) but no centralized place where the wealth of information can be gathered and archived for easier consumption. The GRA will strive to become that respository of information. A place to compile useful information gathered together by our members from which all member business can draw upon. Everything from distributor lists, manufacturer lists, places to buy fixtures, common supply sources, information of point of sale systems, security systems, etc, etc, plus opinions by members on a myriad of topics. The GRA will also strive to gather useful indsutry information in a manner that only an association of retailer memebers could, so that each member and the industry at large may benefit from a clearer picture of the retail tier and its import to the industry at large.

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